ImageFactory Morocco

This post is in fact the only thing I can do to warn people out there not to do business with this company. I was suppose to go on 4 month contract as vfx supervisor for ImageFactory Morocco, and since there is no Moroccan embassy in Armenia, I had to apply for business visa in Kiev, Ukraine. That meant sending my passport there with a courier and pay 250$ for this service. The business visa was refused since ImageFactory failed to provide the necessary documents to the embassy. My travel was cancelled and I was promised the expense for the visa to be returned to me. Which after countless requests has never happened. Whatever excuse they have provided for not returning this pathetic amount is simply laughable. I have told them that good name cannot be bought, and that the reputation is more important but I suppose they simply don't care for that kind of stuff.

Here are the link to their website - the contact person who is responsible for all this mess is Mohamed Rezqi
Tel : +212 522 99 58 11
Cell : +212 664 00 41 16
2, angle rue libellules et éperviers, Oasis Casablanca.

Be advised.

New BlackSmith Armenian

New Blacksmith Armenian

Вот помучался не мало но вроде не плохо получилось. Решил назвать New BlackSmith Armenian - вроде похоже, как будто вышел из под наковальни. Надеюсь вам тоже понравится.